Subscription series 2013–14:
Reproductions III
Du Monde/Of the World

Domo Baal and Sharon Kivland are delighted to announce a new subscription series, following the success of Reproductions I in 2012 (with many satisfied customers). The series is subtitled Du Monde/Of the World, and if you will forgive a perhaps grandiose notion, the artist has been thinking about Maurice Merleau-Ponty's account of vision and visibility (that we are looked at, in the spectacle of the world), and Jacques Lacan's commentary thereon (that the world is not exhibitionistic, it does not provoke our gaze, but when it does, the feeling of strangeness begins). But enough of that!

There are thirteen books in the series, which is limited to an edition of 50. Each book, between 16 and 36 pages, draws on the artist's collections of postcards, magazines, cuttings, and other printed ephemera, in another attempt to organise, catalogue, and archive. There is little text, apart from the title and usual colophon material. The books are black and white, printed on an ivory 120gsm Munken paper, stapled with a square spine, each: 19cm by 15cm. Subscribers received one book each month.

The series is now completed, and is neatly and attractively housed in a handsome bespoke slipcase, made by Book Works studio.

Titles include: Femmes du Monde/Women of the World, Hommes du Monde/Men of the World, Amants du Monde/Lovers of the World, Œufs du Monde/Eggs of the World, Enfants du Monde/Children of the World, Arbres du Monde/Trees of the World, Danseurs de Monde/Dancers of the World,Rosièristes du Monde/Rosegrowers of the World, Philosophes du Monde/Philosophers of the World, Arrangements floraux du Monde/Flower arrangements of the World, Chats du Monde/ Cats of the World, Poissons du Monde/ Fish of the World, Femmes du Monde (encore)/Women of the World (again)

For Un vent de révolution, I produced a high-street line of my work Noms propres (ma pétroleuse), making this attractive yet provocative necklace available to the woman in the street or at the barricade at an affordable price. The term, the source of which lies in the Paris Commune of 1871, means a woman who speaks her political views too stridently, but can also imply a cockteaser (what a naughty tease). In an edition of ten, each necklace, in fine quality sterling silver, comes in a presentation gift box, stamped in red with title and date, and lined with red silk. The edition is produced by Passerelle Centre d'art, and is available at the modest price of 75 euros. It is, we think you will agree, the perfect gift for that special revolutionary woman. There is only one remaining, I must signal.

Pour Un vent de révolution, j'ai produit une ligne d’objets dérivés de mon travail Noms propres (ma pétroleuse), rendant cet attrayant et pourtant provoquant collier disponible pour la femme dans la rue ou sur les barricades à un prix abordable. Le terme, dont la source provient de la Commune de Paris en 1871, désigne une femme qui affirme ouvertement ses opinions politiques, mais peut aussi désigner une allumeuse (quelle coquine!). Edité en 10 exemplaires, chaque collier, en argent de fine qualité, est livré dans un coffret cadeau, estampillé en rouge avec le titre et la date, et doublé de soie rouge. Cette édition a été produite par le Centre d’art Passerelle, pour la modique somme de 75€. C’est, et vous serez d’accord avec nous, le cadeau idéal pour cette femme révolutionnaire spéciale.

Mes Tropes

A handmade black box,with an elegant white edge, embossed with the title in silver, containing sixteen letterpress cards, each printed with a figure of speech. A useful work for the intelligence of authors.
Edition of 100

Available from Book Works:


L'Imaginaire is a silver compact,app'aring blank on opening, but when opened at the correct angle the word 'moi' appears as a reflection, addresses the way the ego develops through the mirror stage. It evokes ideas of narcissism and vanity (with a seductive quality). The edition is hand produced at Book Works and presented in a silk-covered and lined box with silver blocking.
Edition of 20.


Mes Tendresses

Mes Tendresses is a magnifying glass mounted in a sumptuous moiré patterned box, lined in one of three different coloured velvets. A closer look reveals that regular glass has replaced the magnifying glass, transforming a functional object into sculpture. The glass is engraved with three inscriptions: 'Mon Amour', 'Mon Coeur', and 'Mon Âme' - a poignant comment on the way love at first sight obscures true vision.
Mes Tendresses is published in an edition of 9 unique copies. Designed at Book Works Studio, 227 x 127 x 35 mm.


Fragments d'une Correspondance Littéraire

Fragments d'une Correspondance Littéraire is an exquisite edition that is available in two versions that display a sensuous use of materials: as a bound volume of texts covered in straight grain leather and as a loose print folio covered in purple book cloth. Fragments d'une Correspondance Littéraire takes fragments from the letters of Denis Diderot, the French philosopher and chief editor of the 'l'Encyclopédie', one of the principal literary monuments of the Age of Enlightenment, to his lover Sophie Volland. In this work, that continues her preoccupation with the correspondence of Diderot and Volland, Sharon Kivland has created a work that exists both as a social document and as a record of an extraordinary love affair.
Fragments d'une Correspondence Litteraire is printed letterpress, designed and produced at Book Works Studio.


J'appelle un chat un chat

Sharon Kivland's interests in Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis have resulted in a number of works that explore these themes. J'appelle un chat un chat  contains extracts from Freud's 'Fragments of an Analysis of a Case of Hysteria, (Dora)', followed by the names, in French, for ten shades of lipstick. These names, including Flamboyant, Fou-rire and Imaginaire can also be read as states of emotions or female attributes.
J'appelle un chat un chat is produced in a numbered edition of ten, 34 pages, it is hand printed letterpress in black and ten shades of red and bound in black calfskin, with circular photograph, mounted under glass. Designed by Book Works Studio, 190 x 190 mm.



Lettre a l'aveugle

Silver-topped glass inkwell, engraved silver pen: ou il n'y aura rien, lisez que je vous aime (where there is nothing, read that I love you).

Edition of 3, each in a handmade violet box, lined with an eighteenth-century paper